Spring planting to do now for a luscious garden later

Whether it’s picking the right plants for the space or making sure to care for the plants you have there already, there are several ways to stop your garden looking like a set from Mad Max over summer.

Steps to take now for a luscious garden all summer

So you’ve perfected your space in terms of outdoor entertaining? Amazing!

Abundant greenery and flora is only going to add to the appeal of the area – and there’s still plenty time to get some planting in so that you can enjoy the produce for months to come.

Katie says: “From planting tomatoes, to checking irrigation – there’s something that every gardener can do to help kick start the process this spring.”

Summer-loving plants:
It’s important to keep the extremes in mind when you plan your garden, especially if you’re in an area that experiences long dry spells over summer.

With that in mind, planting hardy trees and shrubs will make your life a lot easier when it comes to keeping them in top shape. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to ask your local nursery about what plants grow well in your specific area.

Some of the plants Katie suggests trying:

Buxus hedges
Winter flowering perennials

Do you adore asparagus? Love lettuce? Tempted by tomatoes? Then you should get planting as soon as possible, according to Katie.

“Now is the perfect time to plant tomatoes and spring vegetables so you can start to watch them grow and add them to meals by late spring and early summer,” she says.

Feed roses & fruit trees:
Roses and fruit trees work hard to produce their bountiful blooms throughout the year so now’s the time to show your appreciation in the way of a big nutritious feed, says Katie.

“Give your roses and fruit trees lots of love during early spring to watch them flower with vibrant blooms and delicious fruit for later in the season,” she explains.

Many of us out there didn’t even know repotting plants was a thing! But the dangers of getting pot-bound (where the poor plant strangles itself with a lack of space in a small pot) are real.

Katie says: “Give your plants the room to move by repotting in larger pots, for extra root space.”

If you’ve been diligently composting your kitchen waste, doing your bit for the environment, then now’s the time to let your garden enjoy the feast.

If you don’t have the home-made stuff then you can buy it from all good nurseries.

Katie says: “Applying compost and mulch or fertiliser will get your garden looking its best.”

Check your irrigation:
What’s one of the most pressing dangers to any plant during an Aussie summer? Lack of water, of course.

Katie says now’s the time to check your watering system to make sure it’s in prime shape for the months ahead.

“Making sure that your irrigation is well functioning before the summer heat helps avoid any hot days getting the better of your plants and flowers,” she says.

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