Five ingredients for the perfect kitchen

When it comes time to design your kitchen, the recipe is simple. It needs to present beautifully but taste equally as amazing.

The presentation of the kitchen is always the most exciting part but so often we forget about the taste (aka what is inside those cupboards) and that is the vital ingredient to create a five star meal.

Kate Lawrence from steps us through the five ingredients to a perfect kitchen…

Storage space is a must
Storage in a small house, apartment or in my case a duplex is a precious commodity so packing your kitchen full of storage only adds to that flavour.

One of the easiest places to add storage to the kitchen is in the island. In our house we have incorporated drawers and cupboards into both sides of the island bench to really use this space.

In both kitchens we opted for drawers over cupboards where possible because of the practicality when accessing kitchen items, keeping things clean and maximising space.

Integrated pull-out bin
Who would have thought a bin could make me so happy but believe me it is a game changer.

A bin is not an item in the house you want to draw attention to, so if you have the option to tuck it away then take it. Make sure you ask your cabinet maker for the option of a double bin which is housed in the one drawer or cupboard so that you can separate recycling and waste.

A service shelf
If you don’t have the luxury of having a butler’s pantry then a service shelf is the next best thing!

I try to incorporate this shelf into any kitchen I design and house it in the pantry cupboard.

Ensure you speak with your electrician prior to the cabinetry install, so that provisions are put into place for a powerpoint to sit within this cupboard. This allows you to be able to keep the bench space free from items like your kettle and toaster which now live on this shelf.

Deep drawers
In kitchen terms, there isn’t anything worse than having to reach to the back of your cupboards trying to sort through the jenga tower of pots and pans as it is about to come crashing down.

Deep drawers ensure you can fit all of these items in without stacking them and provide easy access for when it is time to get them out.

Tray dividers
Chopping boards and baking trays are always items that get in the way and don’t have a designated place in the kitchen. But if you can’t have drawers then having a few simple dividers in the cupboard will allow you to slot your trays and chopping boards in without having to stack them on top of each other.

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