A recap on the biggest design trends of 2022 so far

If you’re a trendsetter or a trend seeker wondering what’s hot right now, here are the top trends dominating the interior design world that can be achieved on any budget.

Plenty of Colour

White has been the backdrop of our homes for years, but one thing is for sure in 2022: colour is in.

“The conversations that I’ve been having with clients in the past few months have been around colour, texture and injecting more of a bright feeling,” says interior designer Emma Blomfield.

Think strong natural colours with strong earthy tones. Darker palettes with strong sensual hues are also making waves.

Don’t forget it’s not all about paint — wallpaper is also coming back into fashion, adds Julie Godfrey from MontClaire Interiors.

“We’re talking a mixture of murals, soft murals, murals that pop, textured grasscloth patterns — something that adds a little personality.”

Bespoke Bathrooms

This year bathrooms are all about individuality. “We’re not whitewashing bathrooms anymore,” Emma says. “We’re doing things like feature walls, a big, bold tile and incorporating some really interesting mirrors that are a bit more decorative, rather than just your standard shaving cabinet.”

Arch mirrors, stone and timber benchtops, concrete basins and brushed brass taps and sinks are just a few of the new features making a splash.

Great Air

Looking back over summer this year, we saw some of the hottest days and nights on record in Australia. There’s no doubt — air conditioning is a ‘must have’ feature.

For new home builds, ducted heating and cooling are ideal. You don’t need to sacrifice style for functionality with homeowners opting for grilles and vents that are chic or ornate, Emma says.

A good quality brand will also ensure quiet cool evenings. In apartments, compact wall-mounted split-air con systems will do.

Individual Kitchens

The kitchen continues to be the heart of the home. But just like other spaces, this room is moving away from a cookie-cutter look to embrace the family’s style, says interior designer and stylist Simone Haag.

“The trend is for a much more comfortable synthesis with the rest of our home so that the rooms transition easily from one space to another,” Simone says.

“We’re incorporating more layering pieces such as bespoke or vintage lighting and more art and collectable items. The hardworking elements such as ovens and fridges are moving out to butler’s pantry or behind doors, to make room for decorative elements, ceramics and other interesting accoutrements.”

Statement Lighting

Lighting has been getting bigger and bolder in recent years. In 2022, dramatic installations are the go.

Think about exciting ways to light staircases and cabinetry, Emma says. Also, consider in bigger rooms if you want more than one focal piece.

“Colouring wise, we used to just do silver or white finishes,” she says. “But we are moving away from that look of the last five years and moving into the deeper, richer colours. Now brass is really popular, along with your chrome and powered black.”

Homegrown Homewares

Sustainability has been on trend for a while, but Julie says individual and ethical feature pieces are now front and centre

“People are looking at more sustainability options,” she says.

“Repurposing older pieces is big and has more sentimentality. People are using sustainable fabrics and materials. They are also opting to have some things locally made.

“You may have to pay a little bit more for it, but at least you don’t have the lead time of bringing it in from overseas. Plus, it’s about supporting our local economy.”

Source – realestate.com.au

Image – The Property Co. Group