3 DIY ideas to get your bathroom & kitchen up to date

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two rooms in the home that attract the most traffic and use. That means they’re not only vulnerable to wear and tear, but they might also suffer from particularly garish ’80s or ’90s designs.

If you’re seeking a couple of quick makeovers for these spaces and might even be looking to sell in the near future, try these simple cosmetic tips.

1. Consider updating fixtures, fittings or cabinetry
Door handles, knobs and rails are a few simple aesthetic changes you can easily make all on your own. The trick is to make sure they match your existing interior style.

“Identify the overall style of your home or room and pick accessories that are going to complement it,” Bunnings bathroom buyer Daniel Gibney suggests.

“If you have a traditional country-style home, or an older home or bathroom, consider what’s going to complement the features that you can’t necessarily change.”

Simon Warmington, Bunnings kitchen buyer, says minimalist aesthetics, textural elements and stone and concrete looks are in high demand, as well as integrated appliances to create a streamlined look and feel.

“Connectivity is also key when it comes to extending kitchen cabinetry and materials into other rooms, such as the bathroom and living room, creating a cohesive interior,” Simon adds.

“Handle-less, push-to-open doors and drawers work well to create a streamlined, minimalist look.”

It’s also a smart idea to use cabinetry to create a modern look, without compromising on space. “Smart storage solutions are always on-trend, as they minimise clutter and create usable space for everyday items, as well as pieces you want tucked away,” Simon says.

2. Rejig your walls or surfaces, the affordable way
If you have some not-so-sophisticated wall tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, you can always paint over them instead of re-tiling the entire space. Just use tile paint, Daniel says.

Tile paint is a great solution to neutralise the colour of your tiles so they appeal to broader tastes or match other aspects of your kitchen, like tapware, door knobs, or a new colour scheme. Just ensure you get the correct type of paint as not any old paint will do the job correctly.

“Incorporating raw timber, stone or timber/stone-look materials into a design helps to add warmth and textural interest to a space, especially when combined with solid tones,” says Simon

“Durable laminate surfaces offer affordable stone-inspired, wood grain and marble-look options, presenting a budget-friendly solution to natural materials that will still add visual interest,” he says.

“It’s important to consider surfaces that are durable and easy to clean – there are laminates available with scuff resistance and anti-fingerprint technology, so your surfaces stand the test of time.”

3. Replace your splashback
Whether it’s a textured look, a subway tile or a solid colour, applying a new splashback can give your kitchen a whole new look, without much hassle, hints Simon.

“Consider options that are hard-wearing, easy to clean and resilient to heat to ensure functionality,” he says. Stylistically, splash trends are veering towards the seamless, connected look, via matching bench tops to the splash surface, Simon explains.

Or at the other end of the spectrum, you could try using your splash zone to add visual interest to the space. Think marble-look compact laminate or small format tiles that can create a unique focal point.

Source: realestate.com.au
Image: Supplied by Bunnings